Neue App zum Meditieren

My app „Daily Meditation“ for beginners and advanced

app daily meditationWhen I decided to learn how to program smartphone apps a few months ago, the first idea was born quickly. After downloading about twenty different meditation apps I knew with certainty: something is missing!

There were already some apps with meditation timers and mindfulness bells, which bring back the concentration during meditation again and again. Most apps, however, I did not like optically or the way to operate them appeared cumbersome and confused to me. Above all, a meditation app must be clearly structured and manageable with as few steps (clicks) as possible, only then it would be used often and with pleasure.

There were also many apps with guided meditations, in which a narrator leads through a meditation. But what about the people who simply want to meditate „freely“ and in silence, but also want some guidance or meditation ideas as inspiration?

So I created the app „Daily Meditation“, which not only contains a guide on how to meditate, but above all provides a new inspirational idea for your own meditation every day. All you have to do is set the desired duration of your meditation and the number of mindfulness bells, then click on „Start“ and you’re ready to go …

Since I published my first app not only in English, but also translated it into German and Spanish, it is fortunately already used by many tens of thousands of people all over the world!

If you are looking for a guided meditation with a voice, you should look for another app. If you want to learn or deepen the free, silent meditation with many inspirational ideas, this app is just right!