Color therapy: Meditating to the color of the year 2017

app daily meditationThe new green Zeitgeist: The green tone Greenery or Pantone 15-0343 was chosen by Pantone as color of the year 2017. A wonderfully refreshing color full of vitality, energy and regeneration, right? When I looked at it intensively for several minutes, I had to think about the positive effects of color therapy with this color.

The healing effect of colors on our psyche has been researched by humans since antiquity and also used in our time by many medical practitioners. And since the body and the psyche are very closely „wired“ together (see: Psychoneuroimmunology), we can also expect positive effects on our bodies.

In color therapy, a lot of different techniques are used: the best known is perhaps the light therapy, which can also be experienced in some sauna and wellness places. There is, however, also the color punc- ture, in which bundled color light is directed to acupuncture points.

And there is the color visualization: Here, the user imagines the color just in his imagination. With a good imagination, the gentle effect should be as pleasant and healing as if we were irradiated with a correspondingly colored light. Until further research is done, however, it can take quite a while: after all, with a imagined color, you can not earn as much money as with a tablet pack.

I am using the color visualization in some of my meditations, especially in my app „Daily Meditation“, which allows you to access a meditation idea every day as an inspirational aid:

Day 8: All green. Imagine you’re sitting in a room with green walls. Everything is green: the pillow or chair on which you sit, the carpet below.

On the ceiling hangs a green lamp. On the wall are pictures of an unknown artist in green wooden frames. They show circles and squares in different shades of green. Around you are green plants in green flower heads.

Breathe deeply in and out. Breathe green. Think green. How do you feel?

If you want, try this small meditation for a few minutes. Have a look at the green at the top of this article for 1-2 minutes. Then close your eyes and imagine your world completely dyed in this green.

What does this trigger within you?