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Founder, owner and developer of start2dream:

Nils Klippstein, Inhaber und GründerHello, I am Nils Klippstein. I was born in 1971 and grew up as the son of a certified psychologist and of a professor of psychology.

Following my school education I lived three intensive years in a yoga and meditation community in Italy, which had a major influence on me.

After many years of self-employment in the fields of marketing, internet and video production I followed an inner call and became a certified relaxation teacher and master hypnotherapist (TMI) – topics that have already accompanied me all my life.

Since 2011 I have been producing imaginary journeys with my publishing company start2dream.de. A heartfelt project, because with a potpourri of different imagination techniques from hypnosis, NLP, autogenic training, shamanism and coaching I can aid people to get more placidity, success and self-worth in their lives.

In today’s fast paced world of stress and burnout, relaxation and self-discovery has become a real luxury for many.

I am happy to receive your feedback (positively or constructively) about my guided meditations, imageries and apps!

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Co-Author of the guided imageries from start2dream:

Frank Hoese ist Autor der start2dream-PhantasiereisenMy name is Frank Hoese. I am a physiotherapist, relaxation trainer and freelance author, born in 1967, and develop and write the start2dream guided imageries and meditations together with Nils.

As a relaxation therapist, I give courses in Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscular Relaxation, offer stress counseling and coaching, and help stress-challenged people to regain balance. Since I became acquainted with autogenic training at the age of nine, I have dealt with a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques. Inner pictures always played a role. How positively they can influence the psychological balance and the physical well-being, I could very often literally experience on my own. For my own meditation practice, they have become the focal point, whereby I often orient myself to dreams, fairy tales and myths, in order to create powerful inner images, the meaning of which can be intuitively grasped by everyone.

In the start2dream guided imageries and meditations, which I develop together with Nils, many of these experiences are included. I see guided imageries as intuitive works of art that touch us through their inner coherence and beauty and thus bring us into contact with our most positive qualities – self-confidence, courage, optimism and security. We can all use it a little more.

In this sense, I wish you a lot of fun and relaxation with our guided meditations and imageries and hope that they will help you find your balance and mobilize your inner strength for the accomplishment of your tasks.

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The operator of this website (Nils Klippstein) indicates that no liability can be accepted for undesirable effects resulting from the independent use of the guided imageries and meditations provided by start2dream. If you notice any adverse effects, please consult a doctor or psychotherapist immediately.

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